Clinic/Nursing Services (or HealthCare Services)

Here at the pharmacy we are pleased to introduce Glenda Doucet-Boudreau, BN, RN. With over thirty years of experience, Glenda provides blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol testing as well as many more services during our weekly clinic hours. Health awareness and disease prevention are the goals of these clinics. Glenda will be able to help you learn how to decrease your risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis to name but a few. 

Glenda is available for nutritional consultations.

Glenda Doucet-Boudreau Glenda Doucet-Boudreau, BN, RN

Clinic hours:
Tuesday:   9am – 12pm and 1pm – 4:30pm
Thursday: 9am – 12pm and 1pm – 6pm

Blood collection hours:
Every Wednesday morning from 9am - 11am
Fee $10.00

Foot care hours:
By appointment, call Glenda at 902-769-0893 or email to make an appointment today.

Many clinical/nursing services available:

  • Free blood pressure testing
  • Free glucose testing
  • Free cholesterol testing
  • Injections
  • Preloading of insulin syringes
  • Mastectomy and compression hosiery
  • Foot assessments
  • Orthotic services
  • Nutrition consultation services
  • Rentals
  • Home health care
  • Brace and supports

Total Lipid Profile
Visit Glenda to get your blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol. We also have the Cholestech machine that gives a total lipid profile including total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL, and TC/HDL ratio.

Injections for Vitamin B12, Depo-Provera, etc can be received at the clinic.

Preloading of Insulin Syringes
If your eyesight is failing or your manual dexterity is affected, another clinic service is weekly preloading of insulin syringes.

Mastectomy & compression hosiery fittings
Clients can receive, by appointment, mastectomy prosthesis fitting as well as compression hosiery fitting by qualified staff member, who has obtained certification.

Foot Assessments
Another clinic service is foot care and assessments, including microfilament testing especially for diabetics. At Saulnierville Pharmacy, we carry a variety of footwear to accommodate orthotics, bunions, hammer toe and other fitting problems, especially various foot widths. We also carry products to help with metatarsal, arch and heel pain. Book an appointment with Glenda today by calling 769-0893.

Joline Comeau Belliveau Joline Comeau Belliveau, RN, Chiropodist

Orthotic Services
Orthotic services are provided by Joline Comeau Belliveau, RN, Chiropodist. Make an appointment with Joline to fit your custom orthotic insoles. The service is covered by most insurance companies and DVA. By appointment, call Joline at 902-769-0893 or email to make an appointment today.

Custom orthotic hours:
By appointment, call Joline at 902-769-0893 or email to make an appointment today.